Servant Leadership. . Our Keys to Success

As servant leaders we embrace the insight and direction of our core beliefs by:

  • Expanding our reach to create and develop essential programs and services
  • Strengthening our network through staff development and education, and ensuring the financial sustainability of the Foundation
  • Mobilizing support to increase the understanding of the Foundation's programs, thereby allowing us to support more youth and families in the community

At the core of the Foundation's beliefs are the "3Ps" that drive our team toward success: 

  • Principles

  • Productivity

  • Punctuality 

 Why we do ~ What we do. . .it just makes good common sense. Giving an individual the opportunity to truly grow and develop, prepares them to

live their dream. For more info Click Here

Community Involvement

Getting involved requires engagement, commitment and collaboration with key stakeholders within the immediate and

surrounding communities. Our mantra is 'Each One Reach One'.

Our Services

 Services                    Enhancing the Quality of Life of Each Individual We Touch 

Building capacity within the organization and the community at large, enhances our ability to fulfill the needed services needed in under served urban and rural areas in the Chicago metropolitan area. The major benefit our team gets from volunteering, is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference. 

"It Always Seems

Impossible Until 

It's Done."

- Nelson Mandela