"It's Not How Much We Give,

But How Much Love We Put

Into Giving."

- Mother Teresa

Committed to Excellence   

Our Team. . .                                                                  Our Heartbeat. . .     

Our board of directors is comprised of individuals who have committed their lives to the cause of serving humanity by paying it forward in every possible way.

Having worked in numerous fields of endeavor in corporate America, public and private sectors, government and community organizations, their expertise is boundless. Individually as successful entrepreneurs, and now collectively as a team possessing a spirit of service, the board has found its place.

Forever the creative and assertive group, they are resourceful, results driven, and totally embrace the essence of living to change lives and see hope in the eyes of each and every individual impacted by their efforts.

                                       A Collective Mind. . .One Thought. . .One Purpose

Do you have a desire to make a positive impact on those less fortunate? Come and join us.

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Eliminate crime, domestic violence and abuse by empowering individuals and families to reach their full potential and become productive community residents.

Engage key community stakeholders utilizing valued resources and making positive, constructive changes to the community’s societal landscape.​

By understanding the 'Why' to our mission and bring it to fruition through fundraising events, programs, services and volunteering we are able to enhance the quality of life of each of the residents indigenous to the community in which they reside.